Meet My Dogs

Hi friends!

For those of you who don’t know me, let me introduce myself. My name is Natalee and I am a crazy dog mama. I have two adorable dogs with my boyfriend Justin. We are ‘those people’ who treat their dogs like their children, and I truly believe that’s how all dogs (or any pet) should be treated! We don’t have (human) children of our own yet, but one day when we do, I know nothing will change with our dogs. They will still be our babies just as much as our human ones! Anyways, before I start using our dogs names in blog posts here and there, I figured I would introduce them to you and give you a little background story on them.


This is our sweet little girl Millicent, Milli for short. She was our first dog together, so she holds a very special place in our hearts. We adopted Milli almost four years ago when she was two years old through a local rescue organization. Because Millicent was rescued, we are unsure of her breed. She is definitely a mixed breed, but we really have no clue what. My best guess would be that she is a few different breeds of terrier. When we adopted Milli, we knew the rescue organization was hosting an event at PetSmart, so we went just to take a look, not at all expecting to take home a dog. We were definitely open to it, we just didn’t think we would have good luck going to our first event like this. When we got to the event, there were so many darling dogs running around, connecting with their potential new owners. It looked to us like all of the dogs were taken, and we were too late to play with any of them, but we were wrong. Underneath a folding chair in the corner, was a small blonde dog with big, brown, sad eyes, trying to hide from the crowd. I looked at Justin and said “I need to hold her!”.

I went up the the lady who was the founder of the organization, and asked if I could see the little dog under the chair. She answered by telling me that I would have to ask her father who was sitting in the chair above the dog, because that is his favorite dog in the bunch. She went on to tell me that he loves that dog and was thinking about keeping her himself. I walked up to her father and asked if I could hold her, and he agreed. We took her around the store on a leash to get to know her. I fell in love instantly, and I knew she had to be mine. Once we decided that she needed to come home with us, I had to work up the courage to ask this old man if I could take her home. To my surprise, he told us we looked like a nice couple and that he would be happy to let us adopt her.

When you adopt a dog, you never really know how they will react to a new environment. Most of these dogs were abused and left behind, and could be scared to trust you. We are not exactly sure about Milli’s life before being rescued. All we were told is that she was found in Texas, tied around a tree in a park. Does that not break your heart? I will NEVER understand animal abuse.. It is just sickening and heart wrenching. We have no idea why, or how long she was left there, but it makes me so sad to picture that. Despite what we know about her life before the rescue, she has been the sweetest, most wonderful dog. Everyone who meets her tells us that we got lucky, and I couldn’t agree more.


Milli’s favorite thing to do is sleep. Some mornings we can barely get her out of bed to go to the bathroom before we leave for work! Even though she loves to sleep, she also loves her walks. If she hears the word walk she goes nuts, it’s adorable! Milli has two different personalities a lot of the time. Half of her loves to show her affection when people walk in the door, and occasionally she will snuggle up with us, but the other half of her wants to be alone laying down in her bed.

We had Milli for almost three years when we decided to get her a little fur brother. She was so used to being around Justin’s parents dog, so when we moved into our own house you could tell she was sad to be home alone all day.


So this is Milli’s brother, our little guy Marvin! Marvin is a Morkie Poo (Maltese, Yorkie, Poodle) but really he just looks like a Yorkie puppy. As soon as we got our house we knew we wanted to get Milli a friend. We actually stumbled across Marvin on a FaceBook post from a breeder about an hour away from us. There were two puppies for sale, a boy and a girl. We really wanted a boy, but I was open to getting the girl if I felt a stronger connection with her. When I went to go and see the puppies, Marvin was soooo tiny and adorable I just could not resist taking him home. I knew in my heart he would be a perfect fit to our little family.

Bringing home Marvin was…interesting. I had never gotten a dog as a puppy before, so this was all a new experience for me. Puppies are no joke, they are a LOT of work! I had heard that Yorkies were really stubborn and hard to potty train, and that was exactly the case for Marvin. When were were at work I would leave out the little puppy training pads, and he would shred it to pieces and then pee on the rug underneath the dining room table!! He was such a stinker! It honestly was really frustrating trying to train him, and I was having a really hard time bonding with him because of it. Also he was a crazy little guy, I mean he still is lol, but we love it. As he has gotten older he has calmed down, is finally potty trained, and is super super loving and cuddly. Now he is my little buddy who follows me around every where, and I’m not mad about that, he’s so stinking cute! Don’t tell Justin, but he’s definitely a mama’s boy 😉


Marvin’s favorite thing to do is play with sister, and when she is annoyed with him and doesn’t want to play, he loves playing with his toys with mom and dad. This little guy can play fetch for hours! He has these tiny little green tennis balls he loves to run after down the hallway.

So like I said earlier, Milli LOVES going on walks, but funny enough Marvin HATES them! It is soooo strange guys… I don’t think I have ever met a dog who hates going on walks. He literally hides behind furniture when we say the word walk lol. I think the main reason is that he hates wearing a harness and hates the leash tugging on him. Sometimes he will have really good walks where he will make it all the way without stopping, and other days he literally stops 5 times in the middle of the road and just lays down. It’s always fun when I take both of them on my own and I end up carrying Marvin the rest of the way home.


It’s pretty much impossible to get them to stay still for a picture together. Anyways, those are my puppers! I have so so much love for the both of them (if you couldn’t tell). There really is no better feeling than coming home to these adorable little fluff balls who love us so unconditionally. I could go on and on about how much I adore them, but I’m sure you have lost interest by now lol. Let me know in the comments if you have any dogs, or any pets, I would love to hear about them 🙂

It’s a beautiful day to adopt a furry friend!





The Story Behind My Blog Name


Hi friends!

For today’s post, I want to explain to you why I chose my blog name. This is something I actually have put a lot of thought into over the past few months. I’ve never been creative with words so this was really challenging for me.

Where do I start… For those of you who know me, you know that I have a YouTube channel, and what some might call an “instagram blog”, with hopes of starting up an actual blog in the near future. I knew I loved social media, especially YouTube, so I decided to start my own channel almost one year ago (I can’t believe it’s already been one year). When I started that channel, I had no idea what I wanted my name to be, but I couldn’t let that stop me from starting a channel. If I waited for what I considered the perfect name, I honestly never would have posted my first video. So I chose a temporary name, nattyupnorth, and started posting.

The more I started uploading videos, the more I realized how much fun I was having being so active on social media. I started to obsess over posting good content, which led me to the idea of starting a new instagram account. Of course I already had an instagram, but that was dedicated to my personal life, and I wanted a fresh start, you know, with those perfect instagram blogger vibes. I had always wanted to start a blog, but never followed through. I told myself that if I was having fun creating content for my new instagram, I would finally design a blog.

So of course when I started my instagram blog, I was back to thinking about what I wanted to call myself. I knew I didn’t want to include my actual name into the title. The simple reason being that I loved cute blog names that had a feminine ring to it, and I could not think of a catchy one that included “Natalee”. But like I said, I have never been good with words (yet here I am writing my second blog post lol). So yes, I know I am not a good writer, I have never claimed to be. I do not have an exquisite vocabulary and my puncuation is probably a nightmare. Sometimes it’s hard for me to make a story flow, I basically have a scatter brain. All I know is that I want to create amazing content and share it with the world.

Anyways (I warned you about my scatterbrain) I played around with a few names and finally settled with Beautiful Day to Be. It literally took me 2-3 months to think of that name! But I knew I had to wait until a name felt right, and for some reason this one finally did. I love my name because you can end it with whatever you want… It’s a beautiful day to be yourself, to be loved, to be fearless, to be happy, to be a woman, to be ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE! This name could not be more perfect for myself. I have always felt like I never fit under one category. There are so many different sides to me, I am constantly growing and learning to love myself. So although I plan to post about so many different and random things.. I hope that my name can always remind you to explore all of the crazy, beautiful, and different sides of yourself.

It’s a beautiful day to start a blog!!




Meet Natalee

IMG_1609 2

Hi friends!

My name is Natalee, I’m 23 years old and from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I would like to think I have a very creative mind, but don’t always know how to channel that creativeness to share with the world. I’m interested in so many things that sometimes I just can’t decide what to put my creative energy into. So I figure with a lifestyle blog, I can share whatever my mind feels like digging into. Some of my favorite things include makeup, fashion, cooking, and home decor. But really, the list could go on and on of things I enjoy. With that being said, I hope you are ready for plenty of randomness from this girl. Oh and I also hope you like dogs because, I’m pretty obsessed with mine and plan to share them with you all.

You can contact me through email at, or on Instagram @beautifuldaytobe.

It’s a beautiful day to be alive!